About me

I had completed a variety of training courses in different areas of yoga, until I eventually found what I had sought for so long after years of trying out different aspects – this was Yin Yoga teacher training by Paul and Suzee Grilley.

Stefanie Arend with Suzee and Paul Grilley

This approach to yoga gave me a sense of deep inner peace and a feeling of arriving. Indeed I continue regularly with training, but what was really formative besides my own yoga and meditation practice were my own personal experiences of the everyday encounters in my life. I had my own yoga studio for many years, where I gave thousands of yoga courses and was thereby able to gather a great deal of teaching experience. I have trained those who are interested in Yin Yoga for some time, and this brings me much joy. As a nutrition adviser, I work holistically and integrate my own approaches into my consultations, depending on what the individual requires. I gave up my yoga studio in 2015 due to relocation, and since then I have been focusing even more on Yin-Yoga training.

I am an author of various yoga books and DVDs. My first book “Yin Yoga – The Gentle Way to Inner Balance” was selected by “Yogaguide” as the “Best Yoga Book of the Year” in 2011. The positive resonance from my first work touched me deeply and gave me an important sign that I am on the right path.

Stefanie Arend and fascia researcher Robert Schleip

Your own body is your most important yoga teacher” (from “Yin Yoga – The Gentle Way to Inner Balance”). This sentence from my book describes my teaching style very well. I am happy to support people to get to know themselves better, understand the language of their own body, and find access to their inner self. Therefore, I do not offer yoga that is the same for everyone. Instead, I respect the uniqueness and the needs of each individual person.

People who know me say that I live yoga, and they are talking about my authentic and non-dogmatic teaching here, and an appreciation of my inner peace. I feel that passing on yoga as well as continuing to learn this wonderful tradition is a great fulfillment in my life, and I am very grateful that my path has led me here.

My approach is holistic and I bring together different methods to find precisely what each individual person needs. It is therefore important to me to only pass on those things that I have experienced myself and have not just learned in theory.

I am very interested to discover how Yin Yoga practice works with individuals and am always pleased to receive any feedback on this. Please contact me by e-mail to tell me about your personal experiences.