Yin Yoga

In December 2011, this book was selected by “Yogaguide” as the best yoga book of the year in the German-speaking area in a readers’ poll.

With a foreword by Paul Grilley. As the first German author of Yin Yoga, in this book Stefanie Arend exclusively delves into Yin Yoga and the yoga style of the American Paul Grilley. Grilley combines the association of the asanas and meridians with human anatomy and the teaching of Dao Yoga. Yin Yoga is particularly characterized by exercises that are carried out without the active, energetic use of the muscles. Due to the positions being held longer, the deep layers of the body are activated and the flow of the chi is harmonized. Yin Yoga teaches you about letting go in a gentle way – physically as well as mentally. This book should help the reader to consider their individual anatomy when practicing  yoga, i.e. becoming aware of signs from their body. Illustrated exercises as well as numerous explanations on options for varying it offer support in this. The yoga teacher describes the history of Yin Yoga in an unusually exciting and personal way, and explains the fundamental terms and associations. The effect of this yoga technique on the individual emotions, meditations and breathing is also taken into account. Yin Yoga is the perfect complement to the popular, active-oriented traditional yoga practices.

Note on a printing error in the first editions:

Despite numerous proofreads, unfortunately there is an error in the content: The headers “Yin meridians” and the sentences following on page 18, as well as “Yang meridians” on page 24, should be replaced by “Meridians of the lower body” and “Meridians of the upper body”. This also relates to the text directly following these headers. I apologize profusely for this. The error has been taken into account in the current editions. However, in the organ table on page 39, the organs attributed to Yin and Yang have been presented correctly in all editions. What is fundamental to the practice of yoga, is the approach. Irrespective of whether the meridians are allocated to Yin or Yang, in Yin Yoga it is all about stimulating all meridians in a Yin, way, i.e. gently, passively and through stretching.”


Date of publication: 26 October 2011
Format: paperback
Pages: 176