Yin Yoga & Yang Yoga

After the surprise success of the first DVD “Yin Yoga – the gentle way to inner balance” there is now a second DVD for practicing the exercises at home, with the title “Yin Yoga & Yang Yoga – the gentle and powerful way to inner balance”.

The DVD offers the viewer selected exercises and sequences from Stefanie Arend’s book “Yin Yoga”. This has meant that the yoga style of the same name was accessible in the German-speaking area for the first time. The viewer is given a straightforward introduction to practicing Yin-Yoga, and it is a superb complement if they are already familiar with the book. However, the exercises on the DVD can be carried out without knowledge of the book. Detailed explanations by the author and a relaxing atmosphere in the room depicted give the impression of a completely private yoga lesson. Treat yourself to two hours of yoga with the experienced yoga teacher Stefanie Arend. With the exercises from the “Yin Yoga” DVD, you will strengthen and harmonize the connective tissue through passive and long held stretches. The follow-up DVD “Yin Yoga & Yang Yoga” brings together sequences from powerful Yang Yoga and new exercises from relaxing Yin Yoga into a holistic unit.

Trailer of the DVD

Date of publication: 30 January 2013
Year of production: 2013
Duration: 90 minutes