Yin Yoga

Following the bestselling DVD, “Yin Yoga – The Gentle Way to Inner Balance” is the next Yin Yoga DVD by Stefanie Arend. The DVD includes a total sequence lasting 137 minutes, as well as other Yin Yoga sequences for the individual meridian pairs, an exercise sequence for against the wall, and a sequence for pregnant women.

As the overall sequence also includes wall exercises, you should find a space such as a free wall area, a door or a cupboard where you are able to practice. Experience this deeply relaxing, gentle and passive Yin Yoga practice, which places the focus on the particular anatomy of the individual person, and primarily works on the fascial tissues of the body and the energy flow in the meridians.

Trailer on the DVD

Date of publication: 2015
Year of production: 2015
Duration: 593 minutes