Surya Namaskar – Salute to the sun

This book was voted the best yoga book of the year in the German speaking area in a readers’ poll by “Yogaguide” in December 2014.

You think you already know everything there is to know about the salute to the sun? It is essential as a warming-up exercise in many styles of yoga. In this book you will discover new ways. Stefanie Arend presents different forms of the salute to the sun. She also shows you an innovative version that harmoniously combines male energy (Yang) with female energy (Yin). This exercise is therefore much gentler and serves as a contrast to the traditional, energizing salute to the sun of the stretch. All asana sequences are easy to  understand and are explained with the help of clear photos. Find your own version of the salute to the sun. Suitable for yoga beginners.

Date of publication: 3 November 2014
Format: paperback
Pages: 114