Hotel room yoga – Improvising in the smallest space

Sometimes there is simply no space to roll out a yoga mat. Stefanie Arend shows how, with a little improvisation, you can do the best-known and familiar yoga exercises from everyday practice.

Those everyday items that are likely to be used in a household or hotel room can serve as supports: a couch or chair, table, door handle, door frames, towel rail or dressing gown belt. To practice this yoga, you therefore need neither a yoga mat nor blocks, yoga belts or rolls, and can just go ahead anywhere and anytime. The exercises are easy to do and help to straighten out the body or bring you back to yourself after an eventful day. It does not always have to be a one-and-a-half hour session; you can still do your body and yourself plenty of good in just a few minutes.

Currently only available in the Kindle version.

Date of publication: 7 February 2013
Format: paperback
Pages: 96