Module 02

Yin Yoga, Meditation and Energy

This advanced Yin Yoga teacher training module is ostensibly about the energetic background of Yin Yoga. There is sufficient scope for personal introspection through the use of a variety of techniques. It can be booked independently of the other parts.

Content of the training

  • 2 extended Yin sequence sessions
  • 2 short Yang sequences according to Paul and Suzee Grilley
  • Meditation techniques and mindfulness session
  • Explanation of the energy systems
  • Energetic protection techniques
  • Effect of Yin Yoga on the chakras, nadis and meridians
  • Time for open questions

The cost of training

The cost per training weekend is €319 (this applies to the sessions in Lindlar). Part of the training fee is donated to the children’s charity “Plan” for their international projects.

Next dates

Yin Yoga training Module 02

  • 02. & 03. November 2019

    Spirit Yoga, Berlin
  • Fully booked – waiting list option
  • Nur noch wenige Plätze
  • Freie Plätze

The information given relates to the training courses in Lindlar.

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